In a world where everyone is encouraged to be more agile, innovative and collaborative, if you’re still lacking engagement and commitment from your stakeholders will you ever succeed? 

My Supercharging Success workshops help leaders and emerging talent explore who they need buy-in and commitment from, how to get and maintain it. We will work through the roadblocks that make you stumble, the politics that makes you crumble, and build a clear action plan to get the commitment you need to succeed. 

Benefits my clients have seen include:

  • Greater awareness of who you need onboard and strategies to get there
  • Increased collaboration
  • Better influencing skills
  • Improved, more proactive, communication with stakeholders
  • Faster resolution of issues and roadblocks
  • More traction


When you ask a project manager to take on a new initiative for your organisation what sort of person do you look for? 

  • Someone brave enough to walk out into the wilderness?
  • Someone willing to navigate uncertainty?
  • Someone capable of adapting and dealing with change?
  • Someone driven enough to succeed despite the adversity?

All of the above? Of course you do! But let me ask you this…

What do you normally get? Someone different right?

Pioneering Projects is a leadership program for project leaders and managers. It focuses on pushing traditional project management mindsets beyond time, cost and quality to a place where excellence, engagement and exploration rule. 

Benefits my clients have seen include:

  • A move from a control to a contribution mindset
  • Improved collaboration and delivery
  • Greater clarity and alignment
  • Improved communication
  • Fewer escalations and surprises
  • More traction

Whether you are looking to change a single project or how your whole organisation delivers let’s talk today!


All programs and workshops are customised to meet your needs.


  • A pre-meeting to tailor content to meet your specific needs.
  • All workshop materials including books, worksheets, and collateral for participants to take away.
  • An executive summary including an overview of the day itself and participant feedback
  • A post-workshop meeting to review progress and improvements