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Julia delivers keynote presentations for global conferences and in-house for organisations throughout the year.

Her most popular keynotes are listed below and she is happy to develop each according to your specific needs and event objectives.

All keynotes include pre-event planning and research and she can arrange bulk-copies of my book “Buy-in: How to Lead Change, Build Commitment & Inspire People” to add something unique to your event also



Category: Leadership

Julia Steel Conference Speaker

Leadership expert John Maxwell once said that “People buy into the leader before they buy into the vision.” What are you doing as a leader so that your organisation and teams buy into yours?

This keynote explores what you need to do to buck the trend of disengagement and distrust and inspire your organisation and teams to buy-in.  It introduces a new style of leadership, one that focuses on the credibility, connection and commitment needed across your organisation to win.


Category: Influence – Change – Transformation

Julia Steel Female Panelist

In a world of increasing change, only organisations and teams that can influence the right outcomes for their organisations will succeed.

This keynote tackles what influence is, the importance of finding your power and stepping into moments that matter. It explores how to move from feeling stuck to strong and getting the results that you want.


Category: Diversity & Inclusion

Julia Steel Speaker

Julia has long believed that the strength of an organisation comes from the people in it.

When an organisation doesn’t understand or leverage this strength everyone misses out.

This keynote brings the need for a different diversity mindset to the fore. One that moves away from diversity and inclusion metrics, and towards the power diversity and inclusion can bring when leaders know how to embrace it.

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“I’ve had the great pleasure to work with Julia many times and if you get the opportunity, you should do too! She’s someone that understands what it takes to make change stick by building strong relationships and communicating effectively to get buy-in from all levels of an enterprise. Equally comfortable in front of large or small groups, her experience, stories and tactical know-how provide individuals with insights and actions to truly make a difference.”

Colin D Ellis
Award-winning keynote speaker, culture change specialist and author of The Project Book and Culture Fix

“It was great to have Julia back on the AIPM National Conference program in 2019. This time facilitating a panel discussion on diversity, Julia’s professionalism and intellect allowed her to generate honest and insightful conversations amongst the panel, and as a result, provided real value to the audience. Thank you Julia!”

Megan Smaller
National Events Manager

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