I have long wanted to create a program. A place where women leading technology, digital, innovation, and change can come without having to prove themselves. A place where they are taken seriously, where they aren’t the only female leader in the room. 

Somewhere that brings together the ambitious women that are hidden, like precious jewels just beneath the surface. Women who are capable, shining, gleaming and brilliant leaders, who want to be inspired and inspire others to achieve their potential, and so Jewels, my Women in Leadership program, was born.


Being a woman in a leadership position can be a tiring and frustrating place. Whether you are accountable for delivery or capability development, the one thing that often gets overlooked is making time for your own! 

To reach your full potential, you need to invest in yourself through coaching, networking, and leadership development.

Women shine when they leverage their skills and their passion for delivering outcomes, both professionally, and personally, too. This program will help you cut through the crap, focus on what is important to you, all while building a network of strong women who are there to help you succeed too!

We will work through tailored goals that help you shine by combining self-reflection and the practical leadership development you need to succeed too. It’s about helping you excel now and readying you for greater success in the future, wherever your career may take you.

The most important project you will ever work on is you


  • 6 x one-on-one coaching sessions
  • 4 x private networking dinners with 12 likeminded women
  • 4 x 3-hour workshops to collaborate and focus on your goals and leadership development
  • Access to the private Jewels Facebook group
  • Fun gifts and little surprises too!


I know that women like to get together so I have designed a program that does exactly that!

My next Melbourne Women in Leadership program kicks off on the 8th August 2019 with an exclusive networking dinner in central Melbourne!

Executive Coaching

We all have different goals that we need to work on so we will invest time in six online one-on-one coaching sessions together. These begin with a character strengths assessment and a questionnaire so that we are crystal clear on what you would like to focus on over the course of the year.

Quarterly Workshops

Every quarter we will get together as a group for 3-hours to collaborate, develop leadership skills, and set professional and personal goals for the quarter ahead. 

Workshop Dates
24th September 19
17th December 19
24th March 20
23rd June 20


Networking Dinners

When you work hard, finding time to sit and relax, and have real conversations is hard. These private dinners give you a chance to unwind in a network that supports you. 

Dinner Dates
8th August 19
7th November 19
6th February 20
4th June 20


“Julia challenged me in ways that made me grow and for that I am forever thankful. If you get the chance to work with her I’m sure the same will happen for you.”

Alicia Aitken
Head of Investment & Delivery, ANZ Bank

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you only take 12 women?

I know that having a smaller group of women that have your back is better than having a hundred women in a room, half of whom you don’t connect with. Each Women in Leadership program is limited to 12 women because our focus is quality work, deep connection and lasting relationships.

I travel and am not always in Melbourne. Does that matter?

All of our one-on-one coaching sessions take place online, that means you can invest in yourself, wherever you are and whatever commitments you have. Be it work or in your personal life. 

How much does it cost?

For the full 12-month program, the investment is $6995 plus GST. This includes six coaching sessions, four workshops and materials, and our quarterly exclusive dinners. 

All major credits cards are accepted and I also offer a payment plan in the form of four quarterly payments at $1750+GST too. 

Can I ask my company to pay?

Yes! If you are considering this program as part of your leadership development, your company can make either a full or partial contribution. Feel free to download the brochure above and socialise it as a start. 

What if I can’t make a workshop or a dinner?

The benefit of a 12-month program is that we move through it together. However, there may be occasions when other things clash. The dates of all of our workshops and dinners are made available early to help minimise this but if you still can make one, feel free to gift it to another woman in your network who may benefit. 

Yes please, I’m in!