There were three stories in March that captured my attention. One involving Mark Zuckerberg, one involving Steve Smith and one involving Captain Lisa Norman.

Now two out of three of these names will be well known to you. Mark Zuckerberg needs no introduction, and Steve Smith is (or was) the golden captain of the Australian cricket team often likened to the late, great Don Bradman.

Both of these gentlemen excelled themselves in the media, demonstrating to us all how quickly you can lose trust and buy-in at the hands of poor leadership, bad decision making and how a simple “sorry” isn’t quite good enough.

Captain Lisa Norman, on the other hand, was the odd one out. Captain Norman was Qantas’ chief pilot in command of the first non-stop flight to London on Saturday aboard their new 787 Dreamliner. A role which at all levels is the epitome of leadership trust and buy-in. I love this article about the flight in The West Australian on Friday, and the credibility, connection, and commitment she demonstrates.

So my ask this week is for you to be the odd one out. Rise above the apparent leaders letting organisations down and instead focus on being a trusted leader at the controls of your teams non-stop journey to success.

All you need is credibility, connection, and commitment


Be clear on your intent, understand what you need to maintain your integrity and focus on the capabilities you need to deliver results.


Build the rapport and relationships you need. Find the vision and passion behind why you do what you do and help others develop a connection with it.


Look for people’s loyalty and if it’s not there take action to get it. Start by really committing to what you are trying to do yourself, you have to believe it else others will see straight through it. Don’t forget to buy-in to them in return!

Here’s to being the odd one out this week!