If you are an Executive, Senior or Project Leader who wants to:

  • Say “goodbye” to exhaustion, stress, and disillusionment.
  • Shift from being stuck in a rut to focussing on the future.
  • Reconnect with your strengths, passion, and potential.
  • Rediscover what it feels like to shine.

Then you need my help Forging Ahead.


Leadership can be challenging. Everyone looks to you for strength, but even the toughest metal shows signs of stress and fatigue. When you are tired and dealing with problems daily, it’s easy to feel stuck, and you never get to what you know you are capable of. You feel dull like you have lost your shine, and all you want is to be back, Forging Ahead.


Since the dawn of time elements have combined to create tougher, stronger materials that surround us every day. Few though are stronger than steel. Like your leadership, people depend on it every day. It holds work together, supports heavy loads and creates future visions that stand tall for all to see. This is the strength that we are going to rediscover in you.

As part of Forging Ahead we are going to:


Change is never easy, especially when what you want to change is yourself. If you are ready to take responsibility for your own development, face into tough questions and find breakthrough answers then Forging Ahead is for you. Expect deep conversation, heat from open questions, and above all else a real investment in helping you rediscover you!

What you get:

Character Strengths Report & Review– Research has revealed that people who use their strengths everyday are 3 x more likely to have an excellent quality of life and are 6 x more likely to be engaged at work. Forge Ahead kicks off by helping you understand yours!

Access to the Forging Ahead curriculum – you get activities, actions and reflections to complete between your coaching sessions to promote continuous learning and maximise our time together.

Coaching sessions– 6 x 1-hour online face-to-face sessions to explore your strengths and brainstorm challenging issues at a deeper level.

4 personally selected business books– handpicked to help you explore your strengths and focus areas.

Healthy habit formers – this program is about creating lasting change so you will get tools that help you form new habits too.

Ongoing access to our monthly webcast – join our monthly webcast on different leadership strengths to get different perspectives from others too.

“With her vast experience in successful delivery of major initiatives in some of the most challenging of business domains, Julia knows that getting great results is about getting the best out of people. With her friendly, positive and empathetic style, she’s helped me understand more about myself and how I can work more effectively with those around me. With her support and insights, I feel that I’ve developed as much as a person as I have in any professional sense. I always come away feeling more empowered and like I can make the world a better place.”
Rob, Senior IT Leader


Start as soon as you want to and go as fast as you feel comfortable with. Upfront and flexible investment plans are both available.

Julia Steel Coach

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