Successful change, innovation, and implementation all rely on leaders who can build buy-in and commitment with the people around them.

To help you, today I’m publishing my new white paper “Setting the Stage for Change – How to Build Buy-in to Great Ideas“.

Why am I publishing this?

You don’t have to look far today to find articles on the increasing rate of change we are all facing.

Wave after wave of new ways of working and teBuy-in To Your Great Ideaschnology have already changed how we operate, in ways that are unrecognisable to many involved.

With 51% of APAC CEO’s extremely concerned about the speed of technology change, only organisations and leaders that can build buy-in to their strategy and ideas will succeed. But this is no easy task.

Employee and consumer trust are at all-time lows and our executives are under pressure to transform quicker, the resistance to change you are likely to face is as big as the opportunity itself.

Organisations need leaders who are capable of building buy-in to change, innovation, and implementation yet only 8% of top leaders have the skills necessary to both develop and execute strategic change. It’s no wonder that so many great ideas fail to deliver!

Your organisation is at the nexus of these three critical leadership pressures! Do you have who you need to succeed or do you need to invest in the capability required to really carry your business forward? Three key skills are already proving critical:

  • COURAGE – like the lion in the Wizard of Oz you need leaders with heart. They need to believe that there is a better, more innovative way of running your organisation and have the determination to really change it.
  • TRUST – leaders need to be looking forward, not over their shoulder. They need the autonomy to implement, not be restricted by control. If you can’t trust them to run fast for you, they are either the wrong leader or you are.
  • RESILIENCE – leaders need the grit to see change through to the end. Only through implementation and change adoption will your organisation see real results.

So what next?

Let’s be honest, most new ideas start surrounded by doubt. Deep down even you might not be sure, to begin with!

What is critical is that your leaders know how to step people away from doubt and towards trust. Only then will everyone really buy-in and feel truly inspired to lead the change your organisation needs.

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