By Julia Steel



Why buy-in matters

There are 480 minutes in a standard working day. How many people decide to invest in your idea and change comes down to buy-in.

Buy-in is the acceptance of, and commitment to, your idea and chosen course of action. It’s what makes people decide to take a step into uncertainty when they are comfortable with the way things are.

With 51% of APAC CEO’s extremely concerned about the speed of technological change, only leaders that can successfully mobilise change, innovation and implementation will succeed. You need to be able to establish:

  • COURAGE and a willingness to innovate
  • TRUST and the ability to implement
  • RESILIENCE and a desire to see your change through

About Me

I am a global thought leader in building buy-in and commitment. Through my speaking, facilitation, mentoring and training, I work with leaders to help them to translate their ideas and innovation into trusted delivery.

I am a 20-year veteran of delivering transformation and strategic projects and most recently honed my skills as Telstra’s General Manager, Strategic Project Delivery where I oversaw the implementation of major digitisation and change across thousands of staff.

In my former life, my experience extends across technology, financial services, and engineering industries which exposed me to some of the toughest change environments around. These industry insights and learnings form the foundation of my own practice and the services I now offer to you.

I am a Certified Practicing Program Director, a graduate of Stanford’s LEAD Certificate in Corporate Innovation, and am the author of the upcoming book “Busted to Trusted: How To Build Buy-in To Great Ideas”



Need to inspire people to commit to your strategy, idea or project?

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Want to Work Together?

Four out of five of the top reasons for strategic project failure have issues stemming from poor buy-in and commitment. These problems put strategic change at risk of busting relationships when trusted should be the goal.

  • 37% lack clearly defined and/or achievable objectives and milestones
  • 19% experience poor communication
  • 18% see a lack of communication by senior management
  • 14% employee resistance
  • 9% insufficient funding

With the increasing rate of change driving leaders to want more quicker, only leaders that can engage and build trust will successfully deliver the expected change for their organisation, employees, and customers.

Let's Work Together!


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