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Julia finds smart ways for cross-business teams to be more strategic and have a bigger impact

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Delivering corporate services —such as IT, security, HR, and legal—to the rest of our organisations doesn’t happen by accident. It requires clear direction, bold decisions, and stakeholder buy-in along the way.

As a speaker, trainer, facilitator, and coach, Julia’s programs help senior leaders deliver better strategy, projects, and change, so that our teams are focused and achieve the results that matter to the wider business. 

Who Julia works with

CIO & Tech Leaders

The technology landscape is changing fast. Aside from a growing list of priorities the pressure for IT to help improve the bottom line remains a punishing task. When our teams focus solely on tech, money gets wasted, tech debt occurs and IT’s brand gets ruined. Only teams that can develop solutions that are future-ready and cost-effective with stakeholders will succeed. Is your team ready?

Security Leaders

While security remains high on the priority list of many Boards and CEO, as security leaders many of us continue to fight for stakeholder support. When our organisations pay lip service to what we do it can be frustrating and personally quite insulting too. What do you and your team need to do differently to secure more stakeholder support for your security program? 

HR Leaders

Never before has the role of HR been so crucial. The war on talent, acquiring new capabilities, improving operational excellence, and broader HR transformation all feature on the to-do lists of HR leaders. Our challenge? Making sure our HR managers and teams are ready to lead this amount of change too!

Legal & General Counsel

With significant disruption happening across many industries, our legal landscape is increasing in complexity as existing frameworks face pressure to adapt. How our legal teams move from compliance to collaborating with our stakeholders is key to future-proofing both our organisations and theirs. Are you ready?

Why Corporate Services?

Fewer than 10% of organisations report that they are highly satisfied with the effectiveness of their corporate, cross-business functions, with many often accused of interference, bureaucracy, and poor service. What would your organisation say about the services you provide? 

Corporate services represent a significant investment for both public and private sectors and are essential to almost every organisation. But in an environment of increased globalisation, technology disruption, and cost pressures, we need to both successfully transform our functions, and satisfy the changing needs of the wider organisation, if we want to succeed. 

But it’s not easy!

If you:

1. Are struggling to juggle priorities

2. Feel like your team is lacking impact.

3. Need more buy-in and support to your strategy from stakeholders.

4. Are ready to invest in the capabilities of your leaders and teams.

5. Want to build trust in your function across your business.  

Then its time to focus on how you can deliver bigger, BETTER!

What They Say

  • Thank you SO much for all your help in making the PMO Virtual Summit a success!

    Hussain Bandukwala Chief PMO Coach, Parwaaz Consulting Group

  • The team loved the session Julia. Thank you!

    Narelle Charity General Manager, Technology & Innovation, AGL
  • Some of the best feedback we have ever had! Looking forward to the rest of the series.

    Catriona Silverstone Digital Events Executive, Australian Institute of Project Management


About Julia

According to the Project Management Institute, for every $1bn of investment, $97m is wasted due to poor implementation. How much do you spend trying, and failing to get things done?

Julia is on a mission to help individuals, teams, and organisations deliver their big ideas, BETTER!

She has spent over two decades making great strategies a reality, executing change, and delivering benefits to organisations around the world.

Now, as an international speaker, author, facilitator, and coach, Julia works with leaders of corporate functions, and their teams to deliver meaningful change that matters.

Whether you are struggling with traction, are being challenged to do more with less, or need to unite around strategy, big ideas, and common goals, Julia knows that if you want to deliver bigger, you have to be able to deliver better.

Julia is the author of “Buy-in: How to Lead Change, Build Commitment and Inspire People,” is a graduate of Stanford University’s Executive LEAD program and knows that to deliver better change, you need better leadership.

She is based in Melbourne, Australia and works with driven leaders and their teams across the Asia-Pacific and US.

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